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About Anglia Circuits

In the late 1960’s our Chairman and Founder, Nigel Kember, was working alongside Sir Clive Sinclair where he spotted a gap in the procurement of medium size batches of printed circuit boards.  Being a man of vision and with a commitment to hard work he converted his garage and started producing them in his spare time. The Company quickly flourished and in 1969 Anglia Circuits Ltd was formed.

The garage was replaced by factory in the centre of St. Ives before moving to its present site in the late seventies.Various extensions have been added over the years to give us or present facility full of new equipment and well trained employees. Whilst our heritage is very important to us and we still have a number of employees from our days down by the river, it is the vision and commitment taken on by the present management team that keeps Anglia Circuits Ltd in its position at the forefront of circuit board manufacturers today.In 1995, his son, Matthew Kember, who is a Chartered Accountant, joined the Company and Patrica Moss became the director in charge of day to day operations. This team set about transforming the company, growing sales with a commitment to reinvest 10% of turner in new equipment. This was during a period when the number of circuit board companies dropped from 400 to 50.

In 2003 they were joined by Darren Watson who has both updated and pushed forward the technical capabilities of the Company providing us with a modern, very well equipped factory. In March 2008 Craig Soley joined the team as quality manager.

More recently, In September 2012, after almost 20 years, Patricia took her well deserved retirement. Matthew, alongside Laura Robson, the newly promoted Sales Manager, took responsibility for Customer Service. Darren then took complete control of the factory whilst Craig set about obtaining accreditation under under BSI9100. At this time we also launched our online area to source pcb’s.
Anglia Circuits Ltd has also grown from being just a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. In 1985 we purchased the Tidemill Yacht Harbour in Woodbridge Suffolk. This has been developed from a mud hole to a 250 berth marina with the best facilities on the East Coast. We have also built a portfolio of commercial properties rented to a diverse range of tenants.

Anglia Circuits

Why Choose Anglia Circuits

We asked our clients what was important for them when considering Anglia Circuits Limited as a PCB supplier in a competitive market.
They said…

  • It is very important to our business that if we order a batch of boards for a certain date, we actually receive a full batch on that date.  Anglia Circuits Ltd do this time and time again.
  • It is very rare that we have production problems with the pcbs that Anglia Circuits Ltd supply us.
  • They have the ability to audit the pcbs we source through their Far East Supply Centre and can manufacture a batch should we have an urgent requirement.
  • The communication between us and Anglia Circuits Ltd is excellent, fast and what they say happens.
  • We receive quotes within a short time scale and the pricing is honest and consistent.
  • Their manufacturing plant keeps up with the ever increasing technical demands of our designers.