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Anglia Circuits Ltd is fully compliant with all environmental legislation and as proof of Anglia Circuits Ltd long term commitment to the environment we make claim the following points

  • In 1999 Matthew Kember and Norman Scott were on the PCIF’s Environmental Working Group that wrote An Environmental Best Practice Guide for the Printed Circuit Board Industry.
  • In 2004 Anglia Circuits beat global competition from a record number of entries from companies such as Philips Semiconductor and was named the Environmental Company of the Year by the European Electronics Industry.
  • In 1997 lead was removed from our processing chemistry making Anglia Circuits Ltd the first company to offer a lead free circuit board, long before the WEEE directive.

Our Environmental Policy is held close to our hearts which we seek to promote and maintain to ensure the future well being of the environment. All new employees are introduced to the policy as part of there induction training. This ensures that all employees are aware of their responsibilities as part of their day to day duties. They are also obliged to operate within their work instructions to ensure that no environmental damage occurs.

Under the terms of our environmental policy we also commit to working together with our staff, customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies and neighbours to;

  • Identify and comply with environmental legislation
  • Prevent pollution to land, water and air
  • Reduce waste locally and in the wider environment
  • Reduce the use of energy and raw materials
  • Regularly assess all aspects of our company
  • Set targets for measurable improvement
  • Make our progress available for independent assessment

A practical example of how we have reduced our environmental impact is that as a large user of water we have installed water meters on all water using equipment so that we can constantly monitor our water usage efficiency. This lead to water waste being eliminated and where we used water as a coolant, we have invested in a cooling tower so that the water can be reused.

Due to reduction of water usage that we achieved by constant monitoring we plan to install electricity meters on all equipment to see how we can reduce electricity consumption.